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  • ​TEST DRIVE THE ACADEMY ON ME - try us out for a month at 50% off to see how the academy can finally be the program you've always needed!
  • ​Group Coaching Program: the support of an expert fat loss coach, who will be with you 24/7 along this journey. 
  • Workout App: gym & home training programs, to build strength & burn body fat that gets you results!. 
  • Nutrition Setup: set your nutrition up the way you want it to fit your lifestyle, but to get you insane results. 14 different ways to track. 
  • Monthly Challenges: to keep you motivated to stay on track towards your goals. 
  • ​Recipes, Guides & Plans: Never allow "not knowing what to eat" hold you back again. 
  • BONUS - #1 - Elevate Mindset Course: full 5-week course to discover what you need to know about taking control of your thoughts and elevate your MINDSET. 
  • BONUS - #2 - Nutrition Mastery Course: 100-days of nutrition information to help boost your fat burning potential.  

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What Dads Have Said...
Read what these dads said who have worked with 10X Dads:
"6lbs DOWN"... in 7-Days!!!
"2.2kg Drop in weight"... in 7-Days!!!
"First ever call with the coach today.  Thanks mate for taking time out to talk with me and the lads"
"5.3lbs DOWN"... in 7-Days!!!
"3lbs DOWN"... in 7-Days!!!  Plus new habits started! 
"5lbs DOWN"... in 7-Days!!!
Ready To Go???
See what results our 10X Dads get!
"I'm now starting to see abs!!!"
"Simon's no nonsense advice to training, mindset and nutrition, I had lost 6lbs in just 7 days"
"Simon Macey is a genius"
"2 yrs as an unstoppable 10X Dad!"
"Weirdly I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to checking out the results come Sunday"
"What a fantastic week"
"Simon is enthusiastic and supportive"
"Simon is a star he gave me the push I needed"
"This is all part of the Process"
"The advise given on nutrition, training and mindset has given me the motivation to up my training"
"I've learnt how to eat more healthier"
"Simon creates you a system that allows you to continue normal life but still get results"
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